Great employees are the lifeblood of any company. Without top talent, your company is at a serious disadvantage. Since hiring the right people is critical to your company’s success, it is important to have a strategic recruiting plan in place.

Most human resources departments have been responsible for hiring employees throughout the years; however, the changes in business cycles have caused the C Suite to look at the HR Department in a whole new light. Most HR Managers and HR Directors are considered strategic partners, so the recruiting function is one duty that may need to be outsourced to a staffing agency.

Outsourcing your organization’s recruiting function can be quite beneficial for your business. This frees HR Managers and Directors to work on the strategic techniques that are going to keep the company competitive.

The challenge is finding the right staffing agency to handle this function. Since the hiring decision is so important, the staffing agency must be one that has a proven track record of providing top talent. When you hire a staffing agency, this company becomes an extension of your company. Job candidates will make decisions based on their dealings with this staffing agency.

A wrong hiring decision is costly to any organization. A new employee requires an immediate investment. The employee must be trained and there may be recruiting fees associated with the new employee, so before the person starts work, valuable dollars have already been spent. In addition, a new employee can disrupt the current work environment in a negative way. The wrong employee can cause strife with current employees.

Great staffing agencies exist, and the working relationship between the agency and your organization can be successful, but the necessary research must be done initially.

The current business environment is competitive globally. Companies are losing some of their top talent. Some of this is due to the exodus of the baby boomers, and some is due to the tightening job market. After the recession of 2008, the economy is recovering and this results in top talent searching for the best place to use their skills, education, and abilities.

Successful staffing agencies know where to find the best and brightest candidates. In fact, this question will be important when you choose a staffing agency. You want to make sure the agency is using the most innovative techniques to recruit talent. Hiring a staffing agency can truly improve the bottom line by freeing you up to do the strategic planning necessary to be successful in this volatile economy.