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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Outsource their Recruiting

Outsourcing is very effective indeed. It helps the company save time and money. There are several other benefits to be enjoyed since the task will be delegated to a third party. However, some business owners are usually skeptical and this is why a detailed explanation is mandatory. Here are the five main reasons why you need to consider this option:
1. Opportunity of Hiring Excellent Candidates 
Many organizations fail to realize maximum potential because they lack excellent staff. To ensure that the brand is enhanced, recruiting needs to be outsourced. This guarantees that all the candidates who qualify for the open positions are the most suitable for the job descriptions.

2. Saves the Business Resources 
Time is an important asset. It can easily be lost during hiring and recruiting exercises. In addition, the business will divert from its initial function, which is making profit, to recruit new employees. Smaller companies usually don’t have a recruiting function meaning that someone who is responsible for doing something else will have to be delegated the duty.

3. Creates a Level Playing Field
Larger corporations have an upper hand when it comes to recruiting. The relevant department will ensure that talent does not slip through their fingers. On the other hand, smaller businesses cannot manage to compete with their counterparts on this regard. However, the absence of an in-house recruiting function will still not affect their capability of getting the best employees. Outsourcing creates equality.

4. Supplements Recruiting Functions 
Recruiting functions require constant changes. With the fast paced industries, keeping up can prove to be challenging. Companies that are rapidly growing or are subject to seasonal changes must outsource. This is because the fluctuations affecting the hiring process can easily cause disruption to the normal running of the business.

5. Cuts Down Costs 
Capital and labor costs can be drastically reduced when recruiting is outsourced. In essence, the recruiting fees are quite high when the process is handled in-house. In case hiring standards are set too high, companies also end up spending more money. This is because of the fact that the employees who may get hired may not actually meet the expected standards.

On a conclusive note, the differences between human resource and recruiting need to be clarified. Therefore, outsourced recruiting only covers the hiring task while human resource is more detailed and includes other aspects such as benefits, legal issues and compensation.


Finding the Right Employment Agency

Great employees are the lifeblood of any company. Without top talent, your company is at a serious disadvantage. Since hiring the right people is critical to your company’s success, it is important to have a strategic recruiting plan in place.

Most human resources departments have been responsible for hiring employees throughout the years; however, the changes in business cycles have caused the C Suite to look at the HR Department in a whole new light. Most HR Managers and HR Directors are considered strategic partners, so the recruiting function is one duty that may need to be outsourced to a staffing agency.

Outsourcing your organization’s recruiting function can be quite beneficial for your business. This frees HR Managers and Directors to work on the strategic techniques that are going to keep the company competitive.

The challenge is finding the right staffing agency to handle this function. Since the hiring decision is so important, the staffing agency must be one that has a proven track record of providing top talent. When you hire a staffing agency, this company becomes an extension of your company. Job candidates will make decisions based on their dealings with this staffing agency.

A wrong hiring decision is costly to any organization. A new employee requires an immediate investment. The employee must be trained and there may be recruiting fees associated with the new employee, so before the person starts work, valuable dollars have already been spent. In addition, a new employee can disrupt the current work environment in a negative way. The wrong employee can cause strife with current employees.

Great staffing agencies exist, and the working relationship between the agency and your organization can be successful, but the necessary research must be done initially.

The current business environment is competitive globally. Companies are losing some of their top talent. Some of this is due to the exodus of the baby boomers, and some is due to the tightening job market. After the recession of 2008, the economy is recovering and this results in top talent searching for the best place to use their skills, education, and abilities.

Successful staffing agencies know where to find the best and brightest candidates. In fact, this question will be important when you choose a staffing agency. You want to make sure the agency is using the most innovative techniques to recruit talent. Hiring a staffing agency can truly improve the bottom line by freeing you up to do the strategic planning necessary to be successful in this volatile economy.

Selecting the Right Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies are very popular these days. They not only help job seekers find great careers; they also make employers’ jobs a lot easier. If an employer hires a staffing agency, he no longer has to spend time finding quality workers. However, it is very important to find the right staffing agency that fits the needs of your company. Here are some helpful tips on how to find the right staffing agency.

Determine the Type of Talent You Are Looking For

The first thing you have to do is determine the type of talent you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for people with technical skills, you will want to look for staffing agencies that specialize in the technology field.

Ask the Proper Questions 

If you want to find the right staffing agency; you have to ask the right questions. Do not be afraid to ask a recruiter how much experience the agency’s employees have or about the level of turnover the agency has experienced. Recruiters at reputable staffing agencies will be happy to answer these tough questions.

Be Clear About Your Needs

It is important to be clear as possible about your needs when you deal with recruiters. Make sure that the recruiters truly understand your company culture and the qualities you look for in job candidates. If recruiters get a detailed description of your company needs, they will be much more likely to send qualified candidates.

Don’t Hesitate to Express Your Concerns

The staffing agency is working for you, so you should not be afraid to express your concerns openly. For example, if you are unsatisfied with the placements you are getting, you should tell the recruiter your feelings. If you feel uncomfortable expressing your concerns, you probably need to choose a different staffing agency.

Taking these steps can help you find the right staffing agency for your company. Do not hesitate to drop a staffing agency if you are not getting the results you want. For example, if a staffing agency constantly sends you placements that don’t work out and the company wastes money, you should consider hiring a different agency.