Technology has caused a revolution across the globe. Every organization is scrambling to keep up with the changing demands of their customers. Social media has taken the world by storm. Any company that hopes to be competitive must stay on the cutting edge with social media. The Tech job industry is red hot. There are simply not enough qualified IT/TECH individuals to meet the increasing demand.

Top talent is in high demand. Companies are using creative and innovative techniques to draw these job candidates to their company. One popular technique is called candidate pipelining. Candidate pipelining is a new spin on recruiting. Traditionally, recruiters would fill a vacancy when they received a requisition to fill a position.

In this current market, traditional ways of recruiting are being replaced by more effective and efficient strategies. Candidate Pipelining creates a talent pool of IT/TECH professionals. This talent pool can be created through many different avenues. Social media is one of the most effective ways to build your talent pool. The recruiter finds top talent through social media, referrals, and other techniques. The recruiter then interacts with this pool of qualified professionals.

IT/TECH professionals like to gather on different forums to network and share ideas. An effective recruiter can join the conversation and contribute something of value. By being a viable member of the community, the recruiter can build the brand. They can represent your company well, and this can provoke interest among top talent.

This strategy is relationship building over a period of time. Your organization might not have an available position at the time, but when a position becomes vacant, the recruiter is already ahead of the game. If the recruiter has built the appropriate candidate pipeline, there is talent that the recruiter can tap into. This is so much more effective than just being reactive.

Recruiters that use this technique are being proactive. They are not just simply waiting to put an employee in a spot. They are actively searching for the best talent for your specific organization. This is totally different. This gives your business a huge advantage over companies that have a knee jerk response to recruiting new employees.

This bold approach is necessary to truly be effective in this job market. Global competition demands that top talent is in place. Those that don’t have the best and brightest employees will be left behind. Don’t be left behind.

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