The Internet provides unlimited opportunities, including offering an endless job hunting resource for anyone seeking employment. The downside is people turn to job boards in hope of finding that ideal career. Job boards have their uses, but people should keep in mind the reactive searches often result in missed employment opportunities. Worse yet, stiff competition for a single position decreases most people’s chances of landing the desired position. However, although job boards may not end in a triumphant job hunt, the Internet remains an unlimited job hunting resource – if one knows just what to do. Here are a few tips for anyone looking for a job while avoiding job boards.

Social Networking

Social networking is one of the most untapped job hunting resources on the Internet. Yet, all a person seeking employment needs to do is state he or she is seeking employment. Express what position one is looking for along with any training and skills one has and people will respond – often with insider information of job openings within their own place of employment.

School Resources

Colleges are often willing to help students find their idea of the perfect career. More to the point, schools go that extra step to increase a person’s success rather than simply providing the same reactive responses job boards do. In fact, colleges help people write the perfect resume and work to hone their interview skills. In short, schools offer real-world skills rather than empty hope.

Go To the Source

People are amazed to find visiting a company’s website results in far greater success than using a job board. Avoid the middle man and go straight to the source. Countless businesses list employment opportunities along with crucial information, such as required experience and necessary skills for each available position. The greatest benefit is people are able to refine their job hunting searches to the companies they’d like to work for with far less competition than faced when using a job board.

Get Out There

As wonderful a resource as the Internet provides, people find getting out there and being seen works. In short, networking is not limited to social network sites. That doesn’t mean a person must attend formal networking events, such as job fairs, but speak to people and discuss those career goals. After all, people are the greatest employment resource available today.