The best recruiters know where the top IT/Tech jobs are even when the job market isn’t lush with jobs. This is an indication that the best recruiters are the most knowledgeable and experienced. These are the recruiters who have an abundance of job market research skills and techniques. Recruiting is about more than matching a job applicant to a client’s job order. It’s about insuring client and applicant job satisfaction. Staffing firms focus recruiters on finding jobs for their applicants their recruiting competitors miss. Most important for a recruiter is to anticipate the direction the job market will take. Recruiters are always in a phase of study of the job disciplines for which they seek recruits. For IT/Tech jobs, with an ever-changing range of technological advancements, the best recruiters take the time to study the constant changes and advancements taking place in order to comprehensively serve their clientele.

Is Your Recruiter the Best?
An It/Tech recruiter has a keen eye for matching the job order requirements to the best candidate for the job. This recruiter goes the distance by insuring their job applicants have industry potential for the long term. It is also the way recruiters determine applicant marketability. The best recruiter should be able to assess the applicant’s job market value and the potential at the company where the applicant seeks a position. Cover letters and resumes reveal only part of the job history. The job of the experienced recruiter is to obtain crucial information about the applicant’s job history through one-to-one interviews. In an interview, the applicant’s general appearance, body language and verbal articulation are judged to form a complete picture for the client company. Many of the best recruiters also find the interview reveals more about the “hands on” expertise of the applicant. For IT/Tech jobs, this is an important aspect of being accepted by the most comprehensive client company.

Is the Job Applicant Ready for the Interview?
Expert recruiters for IT/Tech have covered every detail of the client’s job order and coached their job applicants to the final stages of the recruiting process. Each recruiter makes an assessment of whether the applicant is ready to meet with the client. The recruiter may provide scripting to customize the client interview. In some cases, the recruiter may also provide information to familiarize applicants with the company.