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As a Senior End Software Developer, you will specialize in building responsive and elegant web UIs with AJAX, bleeding edge HTML/CSS specs, advanced JavaScript libraries and similar technologies.

  • Job Requirements


    Responsibilities will include:

    • Creating maintainable front end AngularJS applications that implement the designs and interactions desired by the product owners.
    • Laying out what would be required of the back end API to be used by the web application.
    • Working with an API Developer to optimize calls based on how it is used by the web application.
    • Working with 3rd party libraries, primarily Google Maps API, to work and integrate with the web application.
    • Providing alternatives and solutions for issues that arise.

    Required Skills:

    • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, including significant development experience in Angular, ember.js, backbone.js or similar.
    • Experience with AngularJS v1, familiarity with AngularJS v2
    • Experience working with a variety of JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue.js, etc
    • Strong knowledge of Web standards and protocols, including JavaScript, HTML, CSS and HTTP.
    • Strong knowledge of HTML5/CSS
    • Understanding of MVC architectures
    • Experience with build scripts such as Gulp, Grunt, etc.
    • Familiarity with Node
    • Experience working with third party APIs and RESTful APIs
    • Knowledge in the area of graphics

    Type of Person:

    • You have the ability to work on several projects simultaneously, while prioritizing and managing deliverables with specified timelines.
    • You are able to learn new technologies quickly.
    • You have strong technical literacy and deep knowledge of the mechanics of the internet.
    • You want to drive, define, and improve team processes.
    • You have excelled in a tech startup environment.


  • Job Type:
    Full Time
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    New York
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