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This individual will need to ensure all market data contracts are correct, ensure the billing and invoicing is correct, along with
being able to interpret the data and spot and errors or corrections. They may also need to implement better process procedures around market data invoices. (Bloomberg, Rioters, etc).

Ideally this candidate will have strong market data experience, a strong ability to interpret data and types of services on these
invoices. They will need to understand the different service offerings and ensure invoicing is correct. Will also need to keep updated spreadsheets for invoicing and information tracking.

  • Job Requirements

    Business Analysis Experience * 7+ Yrs.

    Communication skills - pls provide rating - 1 to 5
    (excellent) *

    Excel * 7+ Yrs.

    Market Data Project Experience * Yes

    Microsoft Office * 7+ Yrs.

    -Market data experience – should be pretty seasoned 7-10 years of experience.

    -Invoice processing experience.

    -Previous operations experience

    -Strong excel experience would be key

    Soft Skills

    This candidate should have extremely strong organization, communication and multitasking skills for this role.

    Team Culture & Sucess Profile

    Will work heavily with sr. management and will need to be able to really follow up and reach out to get necessary information required. This individual should have an assertive personality but be able to work well with others and maintain strong relationships. Will need to be very professional in getting the information they need. The successful candidates will have strong business knowledge, strong operations experience and the
    ability to be assertive in gaining information needed from a variety of different sources. The ideal candidate will also have a strong understanding of Excel and be able to compile information together quickly to maintain up to date records.


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    New York
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